Patrycja Boboryko, Property Consultant, 156

Patrycja Boboryko

Property Consultant

Experience:2 years
Specialization:Primary Market
Language:English, Spanish, Polish

Patrycja was born in Poland, moved to the USA as a teenager, where she completed her secondary education, and relocated to Dubai in 2017.

Patrycja holds a Master’s Degree in English and Spanish Studies.

Before joining the real estate industry, she worked in education, advising students and their families on making the right choice for their lives, a similar role she now plays in helping clients find their dream homes.

Being able to guide people to make the right choice in such a crucial aspect of life as property buying is something Patrycja is completely passionate about, and she tirelessly works towards gaining even more expertise in the real estate industry.

Since joining AX CAPITAL, Patrycia showed herself as a successful performer. In July 2022, she had the highest sales volume in the company.

As an off-plan property consultant, she helps people invest their money wisely, just as she does herself. She is convinced that there is no better way to secure your future.

A little about personal life

Patrycja loves learning new languages. She can also communicate in French and has been learning Arabic for two years.

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