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Ferrari Roma: delightful $223,000 project

Perhaps even the fact that the new Ferrari accelerates from zero to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds and develops a speed of 199 mph is enough to underline its magnificence. But we decided to tell you more about the model.

Let’s start with the design, as it is, admittedly, excellent! The chief designer of the brand, Flavio Manzoni, at the start of the project mentioned that in recent years, the great complexity and manufacturability of cars influenced the form and design. Therefore, it was extremely important to make elegance and appearance the main priority in the Roma model.

The general silhouette of the car is mesmerizing: a long oblique hood, powerful and lush fenders, a smoothly tapering cabin. The sides of the body have an aviation, fuselage look, and the rear lights are made in a new technology that minimizes their size and presence. The first association is the legendary Ferrari GTs of the mid-20th century such as the 250 GT Lusso, 275 GTB and 365 GTB / 4 “Daytona”.

And this is not by accident! Roma’s slogan sounds like “La Nuova Dolce Vita”, which means: “New Sweet Life”. A reference to a time when Italy’s artistic influence on household items, furniture, fashion, architecture, cinema, and cars was omnipresent. The period when “stile Italiano” became known all over the world!

Inside the new Ferrari model, the same perfection and thoughtfulness reigns.

An elegant salon with an indescribable charm and at the same time a balance between history and modernity.

A convenient ride-monitoring system is another plus in the model’s equipment. A three-dimensional LCD on the dashboard, adjustable by the driver using capacitive touch sensors on the steering wheel, a common touchscreen on the centre console and a third touchscreen in front of the passenger.

For all the luxury of its exterior and interior beauty, the Ferrari Roma represents the pinnacle of performance in its category. Thanks to the powerful turbocharged V8 engine that won the international Engine of the Year award four years in a row. In this version, the engine reaches 620 cv at 7,500 rpm and it’s mated to the new 8-speed DCT transmission, introduced for the first time for the SF90 Stradale.

The mid-engine 2+ Ferrari Roma has the best weight-to-power ratio in its segment (2.37 kg / cv), which definitely improves its handling and responsiveness.

A most important thing to take note of is of course, the matter of security. In this case, everything is also in perfect order. Key features include:

Available blind spot control with rear cross traffic signal, adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning.

Bellissimo! Magnifico! Stupendo!

All these Italian words of admiration refer to the beautiful Ferrari Roma. A progressive, beautifully proportioned car. The slim coupe is the latest model to emerge from the company’s headquarters in Maranello and is named after the equally impressive capital of Italy, the great Rome.