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How to relocate to the UAE for permanent residence in 2021

The United Arab Emirates has the tallest building in the world, the Earth’s largest shopping center with a huge aquarium, singing and dancing fountains (the most expensive ones in the world), artificial islands, which are called the eighth wonder of the world. We can continue the list of such miracles, but those who are planning to emigrate to the United Arab Emirates know all about these attractions, because they go to the UAE for permanent residence because of the unusual futuristic places, unique local buildings, magic of the East, and safe life.

Are you going to emigrate here? We will be happy to help you move to this country if you take your advice. We will tell you how families from Russia live here, about the pros and cons of living in the country, so that there are no surprises for you in a new place, as well as give you useful information about how much money to take with you and what to write in the employment contract for those who are looking for or have already found a job in the UAE.

How to move from Russia to the UAE

If you are emigrating to work and earn money, you have to take care of an employment agreement with the host organization. If you are looking for a job remotely, you have to ask a company representative to send you an email contract, then you have to translate it into Russian and study it carefully.

The agreement must contain the monthly salary. In addition, there may be other clauses in the contract:

  • Insurance policy issued for you and your family members, ticket price compensation for a flight from any country to the United Arab Emirates once a year (round-trip tickets).
  • Payment for apartment rent in the locality where the organization is located.
  • Providing a car and gasoline price compensation.
  • Payment for travel to and from work on public transport.
  • Partial compensation for your children’s education at school.

These are not mandatory items for every employer in the Emirates. They may be absent in the contract. So in order to know in advance the most accurate monthly expenses after moving, you should ask your employer to draw up as detailed a contract as possible and read it carefully when you receive it.

If the company does not rent a house for you, you should keep in mind that renting a standard apartment with one bedroom, kitchen and living room in Abu Dhabi or Dubai costs at least 1000 US dollars per month.

If you decide to emigrate without a signed agreement, you must have at least $5,000 in your wallet or account. This will be enough to use it for about three months. Of course, everything depends on whether you are traveling alone or with relatives, how many people are in your family, how much money you used to spend, how and what you will spend your money on. If you pay $3,000 for housing for three months, you will have a little more than $600 for living per month (this is about 50,000 rubles).

Two people can live for 50,000 rubles a month in the Emirates. If you cook on your own without visiting cafés and restaurants, you will eat a wide variety of products. However, you will have to forget about buying new clothes, going to have fun and relaxing in clubs with such amount of money, because the entrance to most night spots, for example, in Dubai costs from 50 to 100 dirhams (this is 1000 – 2000 rubles).

Moving to permanent residence

The state authorities strictly monitor compliance with local laws, so crime here is at a low level.

A foreign citizen who violates the law can go to prison or pay a fine, depending on the crime that he committed. Another method of punishment is deportation with a ban on ever entering the country. For especially grave crime, such as murder, the death penalty is imposed here.

Immigration from Russia: pros and cons

There are a number of advantages of living in the Emirates.

The main advantage is a well-developed local economy, because the living standard of local citizens and emigrants depends on it. There are no price crashes for food, shoes, clothing, gasoline, and medical services, as well as price increases, because the local currency has been at the same level for many years.

A huge advantage for those who want to set up a company here and those who already do business is the state tax policy. Tax charges are mandatory only for organizations that produce oil and gas, as well as for enterprises in the banking sector. Other legal entities, as well as individuals, do not pay income taxes.

There is a chance for representatives of many countries to find a job here and have a good income. The average monthly salary is $5,000 in local companies in 2021.

The state authorities allocate huge amounts of money for health care. This allows employees to use the latest developments in this field. That is why local health care is one of the best in the world in the UAE, and even emigrants can use many services absolutely free of charge. To do this, you need to make an insurance policy that will cover the treatment cost of a disease.

According to the security level in the ranking of countries on the planet, the UAE takes the 21st place, while Russia is on the 108th position in this list. Surveillance cameras are everywhere in megacities, they can register any, even minor, offense. Therefore, before committing an offense or a serious crime, even someone who has decided to break the local law will think several times about whether to do it.

Are there any disadvantages of living in the country?

Hot weather, which lasts here for more than six months a year, becomes a huge disadvantage of living in the UAE even for most people who are used to this climate.

The sun is hot in the UAE from April to November, from morning to evening, although many people can find it an advantage, because all year round you can sunbathe on the beach, swim in the sea and relax.

Another disadvantage is the high cost of everyday goods, namely, food and clothing. For example, a kilogram of beef meat here costs about 70 dirhams (about 1500 rubles), while you can find it for 500 rubles in Russia.

How Russian pensioners live in the UAE

Men and women retire here at the age of 60.

Foreign workers who are already 60 years old do not have the right to continue working in local organizations. So those who think that it is too early to retire at this age can return to their homeland or open a company in the Emirates and run their own business.

The pension is issued only once, and not every month, as in Russia. The amount of the pension benefit is calculated according to the following scheme: the amount of the monthly salary is multiplied by the period worked.

By the way, representatives of other countries do not have the right to work in such local state institutions, for example, the military department, so it is not a good idea to try to find a job there.

Moving to a permanent place of residence

You must obtain a visa of any type of all currently available to legally emigrate.

A visa (residence permit) can be made on one of the following reasons:

Marriage with a citizen of the United Arab Emirates (marriage visa).

Admission to study at a higher educational institution (student visa).

Employment with a local company (work visa).

Opening your own business and doing business (business visa).

Purchase of local real estate for at least 1,000,000 dirhams.

To buy a land plot, a villa, an apartment or a business premises (restaurant, bar, café, warehouse, office, etc.), it is better to contact a real estate agency. Experienced specialists will help you choose a property from a huge variety of real estate, find a property for your purposes, draw up a purchase agreement, make an assessment of the premises, and so on. They will guide you through all the stages of the transaction.

How Russians live in the UAE

Russians emigrate to the UAE quite often, because not many people like Russian cold winters, high water and floods that occur during spring not only in villages, but also in many big cities, as well as autumn rains that often last for a long time.

People go to in the UAE to live a better life, earn money, live by the sea and spend more time on the beaches.

Russian citizens who live in the UAE permanently write on various websites about how they live here, give recommendations on how to emigrate, so that you have no problems in this or that area of life, tell whether it is worth moving.

There are a lot of reviews on the Internet, and most of them are positive. Emigrants admire a new country, its beauty, security and comfort, a different life, enjoy a high salary or a business opened here.

Moving for many people is an important step on their path of life, especially if emigrants do not rent apartments in the UAE, but decide to settle down here by buying their own home.

We will help you buy a villa or apartment in the United Arab Emirates

Start today to realize the dream of your own apartment in the UAE. The agency staff will help you search for real estate, as well as conduct negotiations with sellers, assist in the preparation of the necessary package of papers for the conclusion of a purchase and sale transaction.