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OPUS ME Hotel Dubai – Zaha Hadid’s Masterpiece

To be honest, all of Zaha Hadid’s work deserves the greatest respect. Each project implemented by the famous architect became a masterpiece.

The Opus building project was first presented by Zaha Hadid Architects in 2007. Externally, the building looks like a giant glass cube with an amorphous hole in the centre. In fact, it is an elegant pair of towers that merge into a single whole with the help of elegant transitions from above and below.

Director at Zaha Hadid Architects explained the unique idea as follows: “The precise orthogonal geometry of the Opus elemental glass cube is in stark contrast to the fluidity of the eight-story void at its centre.”

The building is one hundred percent environmentally sustainable; ventilation and lighting are continuously regulated in accordance with the occupancy of the space by guests. This approach saves energy and sets the overall positioning of the project.

What is inside?

Of course, the heart of Opus was the ME Dubai hotel, designed by Zaha Hadid. 74 modern rooms, 19 luxurious suites, as well as offices, residences, restaurants, and cafes. Zaha Hadid played a big role in the interior design of ME Dubai. Her personal signature can be traced in every space: from the main hall to the bedrooms!

At the very entrance to the hotel, behind the snow-white reception desk, we can see a stunning golden wall with a smooth curve, bordered by strips of light. The projecting glass balustrades of the balconies, the edges of which are also finely framed with gold stripes, seamlessly continues the subtle theme throughout the foyer. Each balcony has an “island” for relaxing with expressive benches from the Zaha Hadid Design Petalinas collection.

The furniture in the open spaces is also arranged in accordance with the design of Zaha Hadid, the main criterion of which is to provide guests with an incredible level of comfort, wherever they are.

Inside each room, the presence of the famous architect is easily felt.

The bedrooms are equipped with branded Opus beds, and the bathrooms have the Vitae equipment designed by the Hadid line specifically for Noken Porcelanosa.

The mesmerizing view from the panoramic windows of ME Dubai deserves special attention: during the day it inspires and delights, and at sunset it promotes meditative contemplation with the thousands of city lights and the stunning Burj Khalifa.

The concept of the hotel is unique, as is its appearance and interior. A special charm, of course, A special charm, of course, is is shaped by the bespoke array of furniture from different collections of Zaha Hadid and her corporation. These designs are far too unique to be confused with anything else. They are futuristic, infinitely comfortable, and tuned to an important part of life – rest and deep relaxation.

The official opening of the hotel was planned for 2020, but the pandemic put paid to this. It is anticipated to be fully operational by this summer. Today, all rooms are available for booking and the hotel has 100% COVID security measures in place to accommodate guests. The hotel states that additional cleaning and hygiene measures are being taken but any mass events that cannot adhere to social distancing will be cancelled.