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Smartest Devices Smartest Awards 2020

The theme for the third annual Smartest Awards 2020 was chosen as The Cleverest Awards. Perfectly staged for a time when more people across the globe have had to spend increasing amounts of time at home, the awards are aimed at finding the best and most innovative devices making life-at-home easier, more comfortable and healthier.

We invite you to meet the most interesting winners of 2020!

Let`s start with the main thing – comfort. OWL has introduced the space friendly La Pepino Lounge Chair. Luxurious soft velvet fabric, removable roller cushions and a spectacular design that is destined to bring added charm to any interior. Price: $2500.

Another award winner we loved was Ben Tetro’s Reflected Mirror, which was designed to reflect as much natural light as possible. Los Angeles designer Ben Tetro created an original mirror mounted on two rotating hinges for greater product flexibility. The wave shape of the product contributes to a better reflection and helps to fill the space with light, making it visually wider and brighter. The cost of the mirror is available on request.

For a double burst of design, the LANZA Atelier Single Lady Desk is the perfect work-from-home companion. The quirky round desk with integrated chair really is innovation at its best. The price of the product is available on request.

“Breathe deeply and feel the blow of the wind” with the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool. This infamous brand has knocked clean-living out of the park with this device meaning that your air is perfectly cleaned, humidified and even cooled with just one minimalistic device, costing $799.

Among the winners from the niche of home appliances, there were also curious options. For example, The Concrete Espresso Machine by AnZa, featuring a hand-made concrete exterior. Brutal and efficient at a cost of $1180.

Sonos offered an interesting design, not only for the house but also for your outdoor spaces. The SmartMovie speaker is a portable smart speaker that fills your backyard, patio, or roof with amazing sound. Weatherproof and extreme weather resistant device with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. Prices start at $399.

‘Aesthetic’ is not usually a word you would use to describe a grill but Spark Grills have made every effort to win the hearts of customers with the visual design of its product. Clean lines, muted pastel colours and all combined with unique charcoal and wood grill technology, fast ignition and temperature control. The cost is $799.


Not forgetting innovative, design wizardry for pet owners; the cute Canopy Bed for cats by Cat Person will definitely tickle your fancy. This three-in-one bed can be moved around to suit your pet’s needs and costs $80.


We did not pass by the useful news for pet owners. The cutest Canopy Bed for cats by Cat Person will definitely win the hearts of all owners. In it, the pet can sleep near your bed or take cover from the sun on the terrace or in the yard. The cost of the product is $ 80.

The Cleverest Awards 2020 have once again shown us how designers can adapt and innovate based on the needs of the customer. If you have already tried any of the devices from the list, we would love your feedback, and we will of course keep you up-to-date with the best new products on the market helping you elevate your levels of comfort.