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Trends for a modern bathroom and home spa

We no longer perceive the bathroom as an exclusively functional space. Today it is a fully-fledged room, with its own aesthetic content and style. A place where we are energized at the beginning of the day or meditatively relax at its end.

In connection with this trend, manufacturers of premium decor and sanitary ware have refocused on creating products that combine both technical characteristics and an impeccable visual component.

One of the main trends in bathroom design is to turn them into a fully-fledged home spa. Below we have collected some basic principles that are followed by the world’s leading brands of design and plumbing.

Bicolor is Back in Fashion

Many designers rely on using a contrasting palette in the bathroom but without making the colour choices jarring. For example, a dark blue shade that brings peace, can be combined with light wood or even a noble black colour, that conveys a sense of luxury in the room.

Luxury Finishes

Brass trims and accessories remain at their peak. According to the designers, this is a great way to add chic to the interior of the bathroom, without violating the boundaries of aesthetic appearance.

Finishing the walls or floor with white marble and warm tones, such as onyx, can simply elevate the feel of opulence.

Everything Is Individual

Another clear trend in bathroom interiors is free-standing bathtubs and sinks. Firstly, they are convenient and secondly, they can make the space look more presentable.

Today, you can find a series of free-standing plumbing products by most premium brands. Some of them are especially aesthetic, elegantly combining decorative and functional parts. For example, Antonio Lupi’s unique Intreccio model, is more reminiscent of a museum exhibit than an ordinary bathroom item.

Home Spa

In an era when all of humanity is focused on health, the desire to acquire a home spa does not seem unusual. Not just a bathroom, but something more – a personal wellness space with the opportunity to spend several hours there, relaxing and energizing.

Modern home spa areas provide a multifunctional space with good ventilation system. As for the equipment, brands offer a range of modern sanitary ware that can combine several options at the same time.

For example, the ultra-modern jacuzzi from the eponymous Jakuzzi will replace the aqua zone and offer dozens of massage modes. Or AQUAMOON shower cabins with Dornbracht software – they provide innovative touch control, the choice of the desired mode (from anti-stress to energizing) with aromatherapy, adjustable massage jets, sound, and colour accompaniment. A fully-fledged sauna in the spa area of the house can easily be replaced by miniature thermal cabins, modern models of which fit very organically into a different interior style.

As for the trends in the design of a home spa, they completely coincide with the general aspirations for minimalism, natural decoration, and natural light or its imitation.

It is extremely interesting to observe changes in the most familiar areas of our lives. Maintaining comfort is now a priority around the world, especially when it comes to everyday life.

Equipment manufacturers, designers, customers themselves are interested in creating objects of the highest level of comfort. This approach, aimed at restoring strength and energy, seems to us extremely important, given the pace of busy life today.