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Key features of Morocco Damac Lagoons

Morocco Damac Lagoons, developed by Damac Properties, is a residential project that offers a luxurious living experience. Each villa and townhouse offers modern architectural designs, spacious layouts, and premium finishes.

One of the main points of Morocco Damac Lagoons is its water lagoons, which are integrated into the development. They not only enhance the beauty of the surroundings but also provide residents with a calm atmosphere. Additionally, the sandy beaches of Morocco Damac Lagoons are appropriate for walking around the water.

Morocco Damac Lagoons aims to provide residents with high-level amenities. The development features modern fitness centers, swimming pools, spa and wellness centers, sports courts, and beautifully landscaped gardens. In addition, the development offers a convenient and well-planned infrastructure. It ensures that residents have access to essential services, including shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, schools, and healthcare facilities. 

The architecture

The architecture is inspired by the rich culture and distinctive style of Morocco. The development showcases elements, such as intricate geometric patterns, ornate tile work, and vibrant colors. The facades of the villas and townhouses often showcase decorative details and motifs that reflect the country's culture. Morocco Damac Lagoons creates a harmonious blend of traditional Moroccan elements and contemporary design principles.

Another notable architectural aspect is the use of panoramic windows. These expansive windows allow a lot of natural light to flood the interiors and offer beautiful views of the surrounding landscape, including the water lagoons and sandy beaches. 

Target audience

The target audience of Morocco Damac Lagoons primarily includes families and individuals seeking spacious living environments. Residences offer lots of living spaces, multiple bedrooms, and well-designed layouts to accommodate the needs of larger households. 

The presence of a kid's park within the development further highlights its focus on catering to families. The kid's park provides a dedicated space for children to play, socialize, and engage in outdoor activities. Additionally, the availability of schools and universities close to the development makes Morocco Damac Lagoons an attractive choice for families with school-going children or people pursuing higher education.

Daily life at Morocco Damac Lagoons

One of the highlights of living in Morocco Damac Lagoons is the presence of waterside cafes and shops. They provide residents with a convenient and pleasant environment to relax, socialize, and dine. Another feature is the availability of gondola rides-like facilities which offer a picturesque way through lagoons. 

The green surroundings of Morocco Damac Lagoons contribute to a refreshing and eco-friendly life. The beautifully landscaped gardens provide residents with a serene environment. For those who enjoy an active lifestyle, Morocco Damac Lagoons offers a range of sports facilities. Residents can access amenities such as running tracks, fitness centers, sports courts, and outdoor gyms, which promote a healthy and active lifestyle within the community.

Transport accessibility

Transport accessibility is an important aspect of Morocco Damac Lagoons, ensuring that residents have convenient connections to the surrounding areas and beyond. The development is strategically located near major roads and highways, ensuring smooth connectivity to nearby cities, towns, and key destinations. 

Public transportation options are also readily available near Morocco Damac Lagoons. Bus services and taxi stands can be found nearby, providing residents with flexible commuting options. The development promotes eco-friendly transportation alternatives, such as cycling and walking paths, which encourage residents to adopt greener modes of commuting. 

Regarding international connectivity, Morocco Damac Lagoons benefits from its proximity to major airports for domestic and international destinations. This makes Morocco Damac Lagoons an attractive choice for those who frequently travel or have international connections.

Attractions around the area

Located close to Morocco Damac Lagoons, residents have access to various attractions that offer a diverse range of entertainment and leisure activities. Car racing enthusiasts will appreciate Dubai Autodrome nearby. It hosts a range of events, including races, track days, and driving experiences.

For those interested in equestrian sports, the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club is a must-visit attraction. Here, visitors can watch polo matches, take horse riding lessons, or simply enjoy the surroundings and facilities. A renowned multicultural festival park, Global Village features pavilions representing various countries, showcasing their unique culture, traditions, and cuisines. 

As one of Dubai's premier destinations, the Mall of the Emirates is a great place for shopping. It offers a vast selection of fashion brands, luxury boutiques, and renowned department stores. Additionally, visitors can enjoy a range of entertainment options, such as Ski Dubai, a large indoor ski resort, and the Magic Planet amusement park.

Types of real estate at Morocco Damac Lagoons

Morocco Damac Lagoons offers a diverse range of real estate options designed for various preferences and lifestyles. Townhouses with 4 and 5 bedrooms are built to provide comfort, privacy, and a blend of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

For those who desire larger living spaces, Morocco Damac Lagoons offers luxurious villas with 6 or 7 bedrooms. They provide generous living areas and multiple bedrooms and are designed to accommodate larger families or individuals who require extra space for various needs. Some options at Morocco Damac Lagoons include the convenience of a servant's room. 

The real estate at Morocco Damac Lagoons is equipped with smart technologies to enhance residents' convenience and control over their homes. The interior design showcases the distinctive Morocco style while featuring premium fixtures and finishes, ensuring a high standard of quality and luxury. 

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Atmosphere of Morocco Damac Lagoons

Morocco Damac Lagoons showcases a unique Morocco style in the architecture of villas and townhouses. It is located close to waterfront areas which provide residents with a cool natural atmosphere. In addition, Morocco Damac Lagoons offers high-level amenities such as playing areas and fitness centers.

Average prices
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    avg. AED 3m
  • 4m- 23m
    avg. AED 12m
  • 6m- 21m
    avg. AED 11m


Installment: 120%

On Booking

Installment: 260%

During construction

Installment: 320%

On Handover

Convenience of living at Morocco Damac Lagoons

Morocco Damac Lagoons is suitable for families and those who need a lot of space. Servant rooms are also available for the comfort of residents. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, and places of interest around the area where residents can spend their leisure time. In addition, public transport as well as pedestrian and cycling roads are available in the neighborhood.

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$1.660 billion



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Damac Lagoons

Damac Lagoons is a one-of-a-kind community bringing tropical island vibes with azure blue lagoons and sandy beaches.

Damac Lagoons
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