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Delightful ocean’s heaven project in Maldives

Such projects are truly unique. They create the necessary balance between nature and people. Losing this, we risk to say goodbye to the pearls of the natural world.

But, alas, behind this beauty lies a huge environmental crisis associated with global warming and the inevitable rise in sea levels. The worst scenario is the disappearance of the most beautiful country from the world forever.

According to the UN program, 40% of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming are generated by active urban construction and immense energy consumption. It is hard to believe, but this threat hung like a dark shadow over the Maldives.

Everyone is committed to averting disaster, from government to architects developing innovative, sustainable projects in tourism and living.

One of the most spectacular in recent years has become Ocean’s Heaven, which we want to tell you about. The project was developed by CAA Architects in 2018. The construction of the complex will begin in 2021. The concept of the project is based on the harmonization of the environment and urban life.

“When I look at the Indian Ocean, I feel the strength beneath its peaceful surface. It becomes a powerful inspiration for me, the impetus for creating this place of ocean wonders, ”- says one of the founders of CAA Architects about the complex.

The location of the project will occupy 60,000 square meters, filled with rich modern infrastructure: a transport hub for road and water, an aviation service center, an international trade center, conference halls, as well as retail outlets, cafes, restaurants, hotels and cultural facilities.

It would seem that everything sounds pretty familiar, but this project has a striking difference: absolutely all buildings of the complex will be raised above the water. So concrete and iron piles will not destroy the unique ecosystem of the world`s most beautiful coral archipelago.

Ocean’s Heaven will literally serve as the city’s energy incubator. From a design point of view, it will be similar to the morphology of a coral that seems to have grown out of the ocean itself. At the same time, it is planned to functionally collect and filter rainwater on the territory, which will help solve the problem with the drinking water of the archipelago. And the use of wind and solar energy will provide up to 70% of the total energy consumption of the Maldives.