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Pros and cons of living in the UAE compared to Russia

Today, about 70% of emigrants live in the United Arab Emirates, but now there are people in many parts of the world who are going to emigrate in this country.

The local authorities have nothing against this and make living conditions more comfortable, because many immigrants do business in this country and make investments in the economy. They buy apartments and enrich construction companies and the state treasury. They work in positions that UAE citizens do not want to occupy (for example, workers on construction sites). In addition, highly qualified specialists come to the country, who have a good profit here (compared with earnings in these areas in other countries).

But before the residents of our country begin to pack their bags to travel to the Arab Emirates, you need to find out what the pros and cons of life in the UAE compared to Russia are today.  

We have written an article about this, and we want you to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of living in the UAE.

Advantages of living in the UAE in comparison with Russia

A lot of immigrants share their impressions of the state and highlight the following advantages:

  • There is a well-developed, stable economy. Prices for everyday goods do not increase, because the exchange rate of the dirham (local currency) remains at the same level for many years. Real estate buyers from abroad are attracted by the absence of taxes on the property sale, which is beneficial in the case of resale of premises (many investors take housing here to resell or rent out the object).


  • In addition, there are no taxes for employees and for most businessmen, because they are paid only by foreign financial institutions, as well as organizations working in the field of oil production, natural gas and other minerals.


  • Approximately 10 million people live in the Emirates. 70% of the population are emigrants. Citizens of different states find work in different cities of the state and have a good salary. It should be noted that the average monthly salary here is about 4,000-7,000 US dollars (300,000-525,000 rubles), while the average salary is 48,000 rubles in Russia. Among other things, health insurance is provided for every employee here, and apartments for employees are usually rented by companies. In addition, many employers give out cars, or pay for travel to and from work.


  • Healthcare. The authorities allocate a lot of money for its development, so doctors use the latest developments in their work. For this reason, medical care is one of the best on the planet in the UAE, and at the same time it is free for local citizens. Foreign citizens working in the Emirates make an insurance policy every year, the cost of which depends on what is included in its package.


  • Security. Shariah law works here and, in addition, violations of the law are strictly punished, and violators often do not go unpunished, so there is less crime in the Emirates than in Russia. In the list of countries in the world in terms of security, the United Arab Emirates is on the 21st place, while the Russian Federation is on the 108th position (the rating was compiled by the American magazine “Global Finance” at the end of 2019).


  • Tourist destination. Local authorities do everything to make the live of the indigenous population, emigrants and travelers more comfortable here. For example, beaches are being developed, as well as a lot of shopping and entertainment centers, cafes, bars and restaurants are opening in the country. For example, Dubai is visited by more than 10000000 tourists every year, bringing a great deal of money to the city treasury, so it is very profitable to develop the tourism sector.


• Low-cost movable objects. There are a lot of cars in the country, because their cost is low here. After the car has served its owner for about three years, it is considered old, so it is easily changed to another one. The frequent change of cars is also affected by the fact that it is not difficult to conclude a purchase and sale transaction of an object, and the purchase does not take much time. Of course, not all emigrants have their own cars, but the indigenous people prefer to have them.

Advantages of buying a property in the UAE

Today, the UAE is one of the most progressive states in the world. Representatives of different countries and nationalities live here.

Foreigners with good money choose the United Arab Emirates to buy local real estate, to rent out the object and receive regular passive income. In addition, the apartments are taken to resell and have a good profit.

The choice of investors is influenced by the general standard of living, as well as the state of the real estate market. However, it is important to take into account not only the economic indicators, but also the local climate, because it also affects the ability to easily rent out your property to tenants. For example, you need to keep in mind that life slows down here in the hot months, because at this time, potential emigrants do not come here, and local residents leave the country for the summer, when the air temperature rises above +40 degrees. That is why those who is going to rent out housing for a short time, it is easier to find guests for this purpose in the autumn, winter and spring.

Do private owners have the opportunity to rent apartments in Dubai for a short period of time? According to Law No. 26 published in 2007, the owner can enter into a contract with tenants for at least one year, but this requires a written permission – a hotel management license, which can only be obtained by a legal entity.

What should the owner do in this case? The owner of the premises can sign an agreement with a licensed management company and transfer his property to the management of this organization, which will rent the villa or apartment on its own behalf.

Another advantage of buying an apartment here is the warm sea water. Its temperature is almost never below +25 degrees, which is very pleasant for those who like spending time on the seashore and sunbathing. A year-round summer, comfortable beaches, well-developed infrastructure of local settlements attract a great deal of tourists and immigrants to the Arab Emirates.

All this makes it possible to make successful investments in the purchase of local real estate, to have a good profit and much benefit.

Buying a property: are there any cons?

Apartment owners can stay in their villas and apartments during their holidays, business trips or they can stay permanently in the country.

In addition, they have the opportunity to rent out objects or resell them in order to make a profit. That is why there are no disadvantages to invest in local real estate.

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