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AX CAPITAL — a cutting-edge real estate agency

We understand the needs of investors – we value time, money and up-to-date information. We base our interactions with clients on trust. Our specialists take pride in finding solutions that take account of tax concerns, profitability, privacy and comfort. These factors are important for a settled life.

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What we provide

An honest opinion

We handle the deals with full transparency and communicate straight to the point


We work with the budgets from USD 150,000 and upwards and we strongly believe that every client at every price point deserves the same level of service

Knowledge and expertise

We have a great sense of the market, this includes local and sector knowledge, which allows us to negotiate the best possible deal

Traditional marketing


Open houses

Every open house is an opportunity to create awareness and to market the property. It is still one of the ways to showcase the property and we do not "give up" on the tangible way of advertisement.


Events and property exhibitions

In person interactions are still the most effective way to showcase a property and to build solid portfolio of buyers and sellers. That is why we work relentlessly to market properties through traditional channels such as events, real estate conferences, exhibitions and more.

Top-notch photography and videography


Just like you wouldn’t go to a job interview without proper outfit, photography is critical to setting record sale and rental prices, we do it better than anyone.
Experience AX CAPITAL photos


We have a divine videographer. Everything that we capture on camera is polished to the top-notch level.
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Digital marketing platforms

PPC & eDM campaigns

Our bespoke pay-by-click campaigns and well-thought eDM are taking our marketing to a totally different level.

Website with VR tours

We embrace new age technologies. Our specially crafted websites with collection of the VR tours will help to navigate you.

Local and international exposure

We are everywhere on the strongest international portals.

Social media exposure

Our social media strategy has been developing with jet speed since May 2020. We are going to bring a new media powerhouse to your fingertips.

Blogs, newsletters and press releases

Blogs and newsletters

We are curious about things that are happening around the globe and happily sharing with you information about the interesting facts and news.

Press releases

We are preparing some very special projects with the well-known press. Stay tuned to find out more.

We look to the future

For us, being a part of Dubai is more than just a job ― it is a lifestyle and a way of living. We believe in this young and ambitious city; this is where our future lies. In line with the new UAE Vision 2021 development strategy, Dubai is aiming to become an international innovation capital. Building a high-performance knowledge-based economy based on applied research, science and technology. Breakthrough projects, such as Smart City and Smart Government have been launched, transforming government services that make people’s lives and business dealings easier. We at Ax Capital aim high, too. We want to offer our clients a digital property purchasing service. Wherever you are, it will make it possible to make a “one-click” purchase and manage the asset in realtime. Visit us and see for yourself that our objectives match yours.

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