How to stay in Dubai for more than 90 days

How to stay in Dubai for more than 90 days

11.10.2021 (updated 01.20.2023)

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  • How to stay in Dubai for more than 90 days

The UAE legislation is quite dependable on the issue of visas for tourists and short-term visitors. Citizens of over 70 countries can obtain the UAE visa on arrival (Visa on Arrival, VoA), the duration of which can vary from 30 to 90 days. Thus, natives of Great Britain, Australia, the United States, and Canada will receive a 30-day VoA with the possibility of an extension of up to 60 days. Russian citizens can rely on a 90-day stay in the UAE for six months without any additional documents.


Visa regime between the UAE and European countries

For the citizens of most European countries, the term of visa on arrival at the airport is 90 days.

  • No pre-registration documents are required.
  • Validity is counted from the date of entry.
  • Visa is valid for 180 days from the date of entry and can’t be extended afterward.
  • The availability of a passport with a validity of at least six months is obligatory.

If you want to stay in the UAE for more than 90 days, you can choose the best option among the existing long-term visas.

There are several types of residence permits, or resident visas, which are issued for up to ten years. The period of validity is determined on the basis on which the visa is issued.

Visa for real estate purchase

One of the easiest and most popular ways to get a residence permit in the Emirates is the purchase of the real estate.

Investors who have invested at least AED 750,000 ($204,000)  in property in Dubai are eligible for a three-year residence visa.

Property owners in the UAE with properties worth 2 million AED ($ 544,500) can get a ten-year visa with the possibility of an extension. The exception is in Abu Dhabi, where such investments will qualify for a five-year visa.

Visas for businessmen and freelancers

In general, the range of visa options for entrepreneurs is quite extensive. If you start your own business or invest in an existing company in Dubai, a resident visa can be obtained for two years. In this case, there are no requirements for the amount of share capital or annual income.

Secured freelancers and highly skilled professionals are l for a five-year renewable green visa. This option requires a proven annual income of 360,000 AED ($ 98,000) and at minimum a bachelor’s degree.

Other types of long-term visas in the UAE are associated with education, medical treatment, employment, family reunification, etc., and are issued on a specific request and for the required duration (for example, for the period of treatment or for the period during which the training course lasts).

How many days you can stay in the UAE without a visa

The problem of arriving in the country is not only about whether you need a visa to the Emirates. When talking about a visa for a long-term stay, the application is obligatory. A visa on arrival is the set-up at the airport for most foreigners. Exceptions may apply to those who have cancelled their long-term visas or no longer have grounds for renewal. According to changes in the legislation that have been in force since October 3, 2022, they can remain in the country for another six months.

What is the threat of an expired visa?

People staying in the United Arab Emirates without an extended visa risk a fine of 25 AED ($7) per day for the first six months (180 days), 50 AED ($14) per day for the next six months (180 days) and 100 AED ($27) per day after a year or more.

Extension of stay for more than 90 days in the UAE

Based on a visa on arrival, you cannot extend your stay in the UAE for more than 90 days. Even if a five-year multi-entry tourist visa is approved, a vacationer can stay in the UAE for 90 days with the possibility of an extension of up to 180 days.

In other cases, it is required to register one of the types of long-term visas. It is necessary to do this before the trip, as it takes time to obtain it.

Assistance in obtaining a visa for the UAE

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