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How to stay in the UAE for more than 90 days

Russians have the right to stay in the United Arab Emirates without a preliminary visa for no more than three months a year. You do not need to pay for a permit to visit the UAE, because you have a stamp in your passport, which is put at the airport.

But what about those who are going to stay in the UAE for more than 90 days? We talk about this in the article.

Visas for Russians traveling to the UAE

Visas for Russians traveling to the UAE are divided into different types, depending on the purpose of the visit to the country and the duration of the trip.

If you need to transfer to another plane at any airport in the UAE while flying to another country, you need to apply for a transit visa, provided that the Russian citizen is in the United Arab Emirates for no more than 96 hours (if less, you need a transit visa that allows you to stay for less time in the country).

The most common type of visa in the UAE is a tourist permit. This visa gives you an opportunity to stay in the Emirates for no more than 29 days.

When going on a sea trip to the United Arab Emirates, you need to apply for a cruise visa. You can stay with it in the country for no more than four days.

If you want to stay with your relatives living in the UAE, you need to apply for a guest visa. You can stay in any locality of the United Arab Emirates for 29 days with this type of permit document.

If your relatives apply for an extension of your visa and this request is approved, you can stay in the UAE as long as possible. How much longer you can stay in the country depends on the response of the migration department.

Those who are going on a business trip to the United Arab Emirates need to issue a visa for entrepreneurs. Such a permit is made by the company that is represented by the person traveling to the Emirates. In this case, the legal entity must be registered in the UAE. The visa is issued for a period of no more than two weeks.

Russian citizens who have issued a work visa to the UAE from a company operating in this country must obtain a resident visa within one month after entry. A residence permit is made by an employer.

A resident visa (the Arabs call it a residence permit) is issued for periods of three to ten years. This period depends on what the visa is applied for.

So, if you buy a property in the UAE for at least ten million dirhams (about three million US dollars), you can apply for a visa for ten years. In addition to investing in the purchase of commercial or residential premises, you can invest in setting up a company in the UAE with the right to obtain a ten-year visa.

A five-year residence permit can be obtained by buyers of housing or real estate for doing business for five million dirhams (one million 360 thousand US dollars). And they can take the premises on a mortgage loan.

Investors who have invested at least one million dirhams (approximately $272,000) in buying real estate are eligible for a two-year resident visa. Having made a visa for two years, each month the buyer must provide information about his income of at least $2,720. If the investor receives a resident visa for buying real estate for at least one million dirhams, he does not have the right to mortgage the apartment.

Foreigners have been visiting the UAE only through Dubai since the middle of last year. You can come here from another country to Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and other emirates, but there are not many direct flights.

At the airport, a representative of the migration department can ask you questions about where you intend to stay and at which hotel a place is reserved for you. Among other things, the officer has the right to demand to show him the health insurance for travelers. He will not let you out of the airport without it, and you can be deported from the country. An insurance policy is required for a COVID-19 treatment if needed.

Here are the following rules for tourists arriving in the United Arab Emirates:

Persons who arrive in the UAE with a transit visa must provide a representative of the migration service with the result of a coronavirus test.

You need to pass the test again in the UAE after arrival to the airport. If you want to get the test result at the airport, you need to install an application on your phone. The officer can help you download the app.

The test result is usually notified within a day. You need to stay in the hotel or apartment until you get the result.

If a tourist tests positive for COVID-19, he must stay at home or in a hotel for at least two weeks. You can go to a local hospital for this period of time.

90 days to stay in the UAE

What to do if you need to stay in the United Arab Emirates for more than three months (90 days)?

To legally stay in the United Arab Emirates for more than 90 days, you need to extend the validity period of the permit document, but you can do this for no more than one month (30 days).

After contacting the visa service, you need to fill out an application for providing you with additional days of stay in the UAE. In the application, you must provide your identification number, which is assigned to you when applying for a visa to the United Arab Emirates. You need to pay for the repeated registration of documents after filling out the application. It costs 100 dirhams.

People who stay in the United Arab Emirates without an extension of the permit document risk getting a fine. You must pay 200 dirhams for each day overdue and 100 dirhams for each following day.

If you are going to stay more than three months (90 days) in the United Arab Emirates, it is better to make a visa in advance.

However, if you get permission to stay in the UAE, but do not visit the country, you are get fined. It is calculated according to the following scheme: 2000 US dollars plus 40-45 US dollars for each day of your absence in this state.

Among other things, for those who make a visa, but do not come to the United Arab Emirates, the migration service may prohibit a permit document of any type (tourist, work, transit, and so on) to arrive in the United Arab Emirates in the future.

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