Jumeirah Village Circle – A New Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Jumeirah Village Circle – A New Real Estate Investment Opportunity

11.27.2023 (updated 11.27.2023)

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Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is very popular among investors and the local community providing unique experiences and opportunities. A well-developed infrastructure, a large number of leisure facilities, and growth prospects make Jumeirah Village Circle one of the most promising real estate investment destinations in Dubai. Read more about JVC's benefits and investment opportunities below.


Why Tenants and Locals Choose Jumeirah Village Circle

There is a rich catalog of housing on the territory of JVC, from studios to spacious villas, which makes the area very attractive for both professionals and families with children. The strategic location of Jumeirah Village Circle allows easy access to the main highways of Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Barsha Road. Residents can use these highways to reach any part of the city.

It also has its own developed infrastructure. The community has more than 30 parks suitable for recreation and sports. Educational institutions, pharmacies, and retail outlets are also located here. All this contributes to the creation of a unique residential environment that provides a high level of comfort and quality of life for inhabitants. Due to this, dwellers of Jumeirah Village Circle enjoy a high level of comfort, which attracts new tenants as well.

Binghatti Rose residential complex in Jumeirah Village Circle.
Binghatti Rose residential complex in JVC.

Real Estate Trends in Jumeirah Village Circle

JVC has a high potential for property value growth in the future. Due to its central location, JVC will become one of the key points in the construction of new urban infrastructure. According to the Dubai State Plan 2040, the area will witness expansion and improvement.

Developers are also paying attention to the popularity of the area and creating new projects of different uses. Thus, you can already find cozy townhouses in the middle price segment here, as well as communities of premium villas with a wide range of amenities. Now, a large number of eco-friendly projects have also started to appear there:

We discussed the benefits of eco-friendly housing in Dubai in this article.

Return on Investment in Jumeirah Village Circle

Given the ongoing development of the area, Jumeirah Village Circle is an attractive opportunity to generate high incomes and increase capital. The local ROI is more than 6%, which corresponds with the return on ownership of property in central Dubai communities such as Business Bay and Downtown Dubai. This ROI indicator is due to the high demand for rent among tourists and expats. Studios and apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms enjoy the most popularity.

Jumeirah Village Circle also ranks first in terms of the number and speed of new property sales. In the middle of QII, 2023, over 6,000 real estate purchase and sale transactions were completed in JVC. By comparison, Dubai Marina, a popular coastal area with high-end properties, had only 4,000 deals at the time. The average increase in the cost of housing was about 7-8%. By 2030, JVC plans to create its own metro station, which will also affect the value of real estate.

Real Estate Investment Options in Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle provides a wide variety of properties, including studios, apartments, townhouses, and villas. The abundance of offers allows investors to choose the best option that meets their goals. The market also has a sufficient number of offers as ready-made objects that can be used for renting out, as well as projects under construction that can be purchased at a lower price during the construction stage. The following residential complexes will be an example of such objects.

Samana Waves 2 Apartments is a modern multi-story residential complex with a set of amenities for inhabitants. Dwellers will have access to a playground, an infinity pool, and a fitness center. Apartments with 1-7 bedrooms are available for purchase. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2026.

Apartment in Samana Waves 2 residential complex in Jumeirah Village Circle.
Apartment in Samana Waves 2.

Aveline Residences is a 21-story premium residential complex characterized by a stylish, minimalistic design and the concept of a comfortable, yet active, lifestyle. A large selection of resident amenities, including gyms, sports fields, and an infinity pool, as well as proximity to all major locations in Dubai increase the attractiveness for a wide range of potential tenants promising stable returns.

Studios and apartments with 1-3 bedrooms are available for purchase. Delivery of the project is scheduled for QII, 2026.

Buy Property in Jumeirah Village Circle

JVC is ready to offer investors great opportunities for earning money. If you are considering investing in Jumeirah Village Circle, please get in touch with AX CAPITAL specialists. Our agents will help you choose the most profitable object for purchase, to be in line with your goals.

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