Real Estate Ownership Certificate in the UAE

Real Estate Ownership Certificate in the UAE

10.10.2021 (updated 11.30.2022)

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  • Real Estate Ownership Certificate in the UAE

The purchase of the real estate in the United Arab Emirates entails several legal intricacies. In this article, we will look at how the legislation of the country regulates the registration of property, how the UAE property rights are obtained and how and where it is registered.


Property Registration Law in the UAE

Foreigners in the UAE can become full owners of the properties, but only in certain areas – the so-called freehold zones (freehold). By acquiring real estate in these areas, foreign nationals obtain the full right of ownership in the UAE, which means that they can resell, donate, lease, or transfer it by inheritance.

Among the best freehold areas of Dubai, the following are easily distinguishable:

Real Estate Registration Procedure in the UAE

Developers are required to register buildings under construction and enter the details of sales transactions that relate to a house under construction in the provisional register of the Dubai Land Department (DLD). The commissioned buildings, as well as transactions involving finished properties, are recorded in a special register of the department. You will be expected to obtain approval on the agreement of the property that you’re going to sell.

After the conclusion of the sale and the purchase of housing or business premises, you are required to register the contract at the Dubai Real Estate Registry Authority (Dubai Real Estate Authority).

How Information is Entered into the UAE Real Estate Registry

Property registration in each emirate has its own rules that regulate the procedure for the transfer of ownership. In Dubai, the buyer and the seller must meet at the Land Department or with a real estate registration agent to register the property transaction. Representatives of the parties may be present instead.

The requirements for entering information into the UAE real estate registry are as follows:

  • Provide original documents (a document confirming the transfer of ownership, also called a bill of sale; a certificate of no claims from the construction company; a contract of sale; passports, visas, and company documents, if the party/s to the transaction is a legal entity);
  • sign the title transfer document;
  • make a payment equal to the value of the property (this must be done by the investor);
  • pay the fees for registering the property (this applies to both the investor and the seller).

The Land Department will then issue the investor a certificate of ownership.

All transactions related to the purchase and sale are entered into the real estate registry, which also includes information on the location of the property and its description.

Is the UAE Real Estate Registry Publicly Available?

Information about properties in the registry is not publicly available. It is only available to property owners and judicial authorities.

Copies of documents may be requested for several reasons, including:

  • Proof of ownership;
  • To obtain information about the property;
  • Collection of debts;
  • To analyse the value of properties (for example, for local market research).

State Guarantee of Real Estate Ownership in the UAE

The State does not provide such guarantees. If necessary, based on fraud or forgery, you can challenge the information entered in the register. The accuracy of the information provided by the register can be disputed based on identified forgery or fraud. If successful, the Dubai Land Department will correct any inaccuracies.

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