The most popular developers in Dubai and their properties

The most popular developers in Dubai and their properties

12.04.2023 (updated 12.04.2023)

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  • The most popular developers in Dubai

Buying a new property often involves the risk of stumbling upon an unscrupulous developer. However, in Dubai this risk is minimal. The UAE government independently monitors all popular developers, regulating their activities. We are going to tell about them in more detail further.


List of reliable developers in Dubai

Security of real estate transactions in Dubai

Choosing a developer for investment

Buy property from a developer in Dubai

List of reliable developers in Dubai

Emaar Properties

One of the largest developers in Dubai, which is responsible for the construction of several full-fledged residential and business areas. The company's projects also include multi-story residential complexes, townhouses, villas, and office buildings. Over the entire period of its activity, the company has built more than 14,000 objects around the world, including the UAE. The same list includes more than 70,000 housing units. It was Emaar who was responsible for the construction of the Burj Khalifa Tower and one of the world's largest shopping centers – the Dubai Mall. The company's portfolio includes properties in the following areas:

Downtown Dubai at night from a bird's eye view.
Downtown Dubai.

DAMAC Properties

The company focuses on the construction of premium housing. It began operations in 2002 and has since managed to reach the international level. The developer's facilities are also present in the UK, Lebanon, Jordan, and several other countries. In Dubai, the company is responsible for the development of the following areas:

Residential complex of Bellavista villas in the DAMAC Hills area.
Bellavista complex in the DAMAC Hills area. Source: zidan-dxb


The company has a rich history as well as a large list of commissioned facilities. The developer's most famous projects are the artificial islands. The World, Deira Islands, and Jebel Ali are unique man-made islands on which residential complexes and important infrastructure facilities with entertainment venues are located. In addition, the developer’s portfolio also includes several areas:

Panoramic view of the Palm Jumeirah.
The Palm Jumeirah. Source: bangkokbook

Dubai Properties

The company was founded in 2002 and during its existence managed to implement a large number of projects in different areas of the city. The developer is responsible for the construction and improvement of the JBR complex on the territory of Dubai Marina. As well as the construction of one of the largest business centers in the city – Business Bay. In addition, Dubai Properties is also offering empty plots of land for development to interested investors. The most popular projects of the company are:

Green recreation area on the shore in the JBR area.
Relaxation area at Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Security of real estate transactions in Dubai

The activities of large developers are regulated by the UAE government, which eliminates the possibility of purchasing low-quality housing or deception during the transaction process. However, the process of buying property from smaller developers is also almost completely safe. The Dubai Land Department personally reviews the plans for all new units. Construction work begins only after receiving official permission.

Also, when buying real estate at the excavation stage, you do not immediately give the entire amount directly to the developer. The money goes to a specially created account, where it will be stored until the start of a new stage of construction or the full commissioning of the facility. If the developer is unable to complete construction, you will return all funds spent. This is also monitored by the Dubai Land Department.

Choosing a developer for investment

Popular developers can offer real estate in tourist areas and business centers. Such properties attract the attention of a large number of renters looking for housing close to work or city landmarks. Thus, the chance of renting out purchased properties for short-term or long-term rent will be higher.

If you prefer real estate from less popular developers, then it is necessary to pay attention not only to the location of the object but also to the reputation of the company. Find out how long the company has been on the market, whether it has awards, and whether it has participated in litigation. It is also worth paying attention to the level of quality of implemented projects and compliance with construction deadlines.

To select the most promising property, it is best to contact specialists from a real estate agency. They will also greatly facilitate the process of concluding a deal, taking almost all the work upon themselves.

Buy property from a Developer in Dubai

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