Development of the real estate market in Dubai

Development of the real estate market in Dubai

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  • UAE News: Rise in demand for real estate in Dubai and Damac Properties' entry into the US property market

Enquiries for Dubai properties increased threefold

Enquiries for Dubai properties increased threefold following new UAE visa regulations. Experts predict a rise in prices in September 2022, when the new visa regulations will come into effect. Dubai's population is expected to grow from 3.5 million in 2022 to 5.8 million by 2040. We previously published a podcast where we talked about obtaining a resident visa through real estate investment in Dubai.

According to the poll of 13 property market analysts taken by Reuters news agency:

Median rise will be 7.5% in Dubai house prices in 2022. The main incentive for the housing market is considered to be demand from:

  • Foreign investors – 11 respondents
  • Local investors – 2 respondents

Damac Properties выходит на рынок недвижимости США.

Застройщик покупает землю в Майами за 120 млн $ для строительства резиденций под брендом Cavalli. Ранее Damac анонсировал старт продаж вилл и таунхаусов в проекте Lagoons Источники: Arabian Business, Khaleej Times

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