First flying hypercar and regulations to improve the business environment

First flying hypercar and regulations to improve the business environment

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  • Test flights for the hypercar and the adoption of a new regulation

A series of test flights of a flying hypercar by London-based startup, Bellwether Industries, has been successfully completed in Dubai.

This is the world's first fully-electric volar hypercar with vertical take-off and landing, and without a large wingspan or exposed blades. It is designed for inner-city travel and is projected to reach speeds of 220kmph. The current prototype has 2 seats. The aim is to have a 5-seater aircraft. A full-scale prototype will be ready by 2023. In July 2020, the Dubai Government issued a law regulating the operations of unmanned aerial vehicles – the Sky Dome project.

On January 15, 2022, the UAE Cabinet adopted executive regulations to improve the business environment.

Among them are regulations for labor relations to regulate new forms of work such as:

  • Freelance
  • Temporary work
  • Work for golden visa holders, etc.

Within the framework of the meeting, 12 types of work permits were established. Sources: Khaleej Times, Arabian Business

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