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Investor visa

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Investor visa: easier to obtain

The rules for obtaining a visa for the purchase of real estate under construction in Dubai have been updated.

The essence of the changes:

Investor Visa: Now available for properties at any stage of construction, subject to payment of at least $102,000.

Golden visa: issued for the purchase of real estate worth $545,000 or more, but only if the property is 50% or more complete.

What does it mean:

More opportunities: investors can obtain a UAE resident visa during the construction phase, without needing to wait for completion.

Flexibility: The option to upgrade your Investor Visa to a Golden Visa has been removed.

Clear diagram:

  • Property cost $545,000, construction progress from 50% - qualifies for a Golden Visa for 10 years
  • Property cost $545,000, construction progress 0–50% and $102,000 paid – eligible for an Investor Visa for 2 years


When the object is 50% ready, it is not possible to change the investor visa to a gold one. To obtain a Golden Visa, you will need to go through the application procedure again.

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