New strategy and cancellation of restrictions

Dubai started issuing "fractional" property ownership title deeds.
Up to 4 investors can pick up title deeds in a single property under fractional scheme.

The fractional ownership rules apply to all projects approved by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency and Dubai Land Department.

For the first time, fractional ownership has been launched in the SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences.
The Dubai International Chamber has announced a new strategy for 2022-2024.
Key goals:
  • Attracting 50 multinational companies to the Emirate

  • Supporting the global expansion of 100 local businesses
Cancellation of Covid-19 related restrictions by February 15, 2022
The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Emergency Management Authority has announced the gradual cancellation of Covid-19 related restrictions by February 15, 2022.

Restrictions apply to the capacity of all activities, facilities and events.

Sources: Gulf News, The National News