Sale of the most expensive villa and criminal liability for crimes in the metaverse

Damac Group acquires Swiss luxury jewellery brand de Grisogono.
Earlier, the developer launched a residential complex project that its architectural design replicates a necklace created by brand founder, Fawaz Gruosi

Damac purchased Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli in 2019.
The most expensive villa in District One, Dubai was sold to a Russian investor for $24.3 million.
Аrea – 3,019m²

Features: 8 bedrooms, cinema and family lounge. The Villa is located close to the crystal lagoon.

February 2022, the expert of our agency, AX CAPITAL, concluded one of the largest rental deals for villas in this neighbourhood.
Criminal liability for serious crimes in the metaverse
Criminal liability for serious crimes in the metaverse proposed by the Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence of the UAE, Omar Al Olama, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Earlier, the Everdome metaverse project announced the sale of virtual Mars plots.

Sources: Gulf News, CNBC