TOP 10 airlines in the world and free domains

Emirates is one of the TOP-10 airlines in the world with the highest market capitalization in 2022.
According to the consulting agency, Brand Finance:
  • 1th place in the Middle East
  • 4th place in the world
The cost of the airline is estimated at ~$5 billion.
Dubai Municipality has begun a digital mapping project.
The goal is to prepare the city for driverless cars by the end of 2022.

Google Maps-style vehicles with special cameras are out on the streets.
Free crypto, NFT and blockchain domains are to be provided to all women resident in Abu Dhabi.
Abu Dhabi Investment Office has partnered with Web3 identity platform.

Web3 is the next generation of the blockchain-based Internet. Women make up only 5-7% of all users. At the same time, 12% of them work in the blockchain.

Sources: The National News, Arabian Business