Duplexes for sale in Dubai

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Duplex for sale in Dubai, UAE

Arabic duplex in Dubai is a popular and demanded type of real estate. Such housing is unusual in terms of the organization of the internal space, it is stylish, modern and gives a lot of space for living. Compared to villas and some penthouses, the price of duplexes in Dubai is more affordable, although their characteristics do not inferior to the usual houses.

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Before buying a duplex in Dubai, you should look closely at this type of housing.

It is a two-level space, united by an internal staircase. Due to the large area, two floors and often two or even three bedrooms, they look more like a house than an apartment. Unlike penthouses, where a large family can live, duplexes are more suitable for one or two people.

A single person or a young family without children will find it comfortable, spacious and suitable for their needs, since duplex apartments create that sense of solitude that only a real home can bring about. In the new residential complexes you can buy such apartments with a sea view. Floor-to-ceiling windows make them brighter and sunnier, and the coastal panorama attracts with its beauty.

Advantages of duplex apartments in Dubai

Due to two floors, modern duplexes are classified as elite housing. Here, unlimited area opens up for organizing free space and zoning rooms, as well as several other equally significant advantages.

  • Prestige. Duplex apartments demonstrate the owner's wealth, emphasize his status and confidence in his own choice.
  • Excellent soundproofing. Duplexes are located in luxury buildings in Dubai, which guarantees their residents comfort without extraneous noise.
  • High-quality finishes. A unique type of housing, as a rule, is complemented by individual finishing. Leading designers undertake the work on such projects, who think over the interior space to the smallest detail.
  • Profitable investment. Duplex in Dubai for investment & ndash; option from which you can extract the maximum profit. Duplex apartments are still rare, popular, and therefore in demand and expensive.

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