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Key features of Alana

Alana is a new residential project by Emaar in The Valley, which is a quiet new town consisting of modern townhouses and twin-villas complexes. 

Alana combines green spaces with beautiful waterways that flow in between the villas. It focuses on a sustainable lifestyle and it’s a perfect option for families as it includes amenities like the Kids’ Dale, which has an archeological play area, an amphitheater space, along with rock climbing walls.

Alana offers 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, and 5-bedroom twin villas in The Valley that sport excellent educational options, healthcare services, leisure activities, and recreational facilities.

The architecture

The community consists of villas surrounded by lush green spaces. The villas feature contemporary designs characterized by wooden hues and natural elements. This design blends with the natural surroundings, enhancing the sense of relaxation and flow.

The villas come in two distinct designs, Sierra and Lilac. Sierra is inspired by nature and emphasizes flow and tranquillity, whereas Lilac uses straight hard lines to give a bold edgy look full of strength. 

Target audience of Alana

Alana is a welcoming community suitable for families and couples looking to start a family. Its range of amenities provides a serene environment for adults looking to unwind, socialize, and stay healthy, like the town center that includes a farmer’s market along with indoor and outdoor retail stores, and the Sports Village with its sports courts, tracks, and gym.

And for kids, Alana includes a lot of outdoor space and activities so they can roam around, play, and experience a vibrant exciting life. The Sports Village provides a playground and the Kids’ Dale has different engaging areas to keep all kids entertained, like the amphitheater and the archeological play area.

Daily life at Alana

Life at Alana is convenient and cozy. The natural elements of Alana, like the green spaces, the waterways that surround the villas, and the Golden Beach, provide a peaceful retreat from the fast pace of the city. The dining and shopping options complete the experience of living at Alana as everything that is needed is available inside the community.

The schools, healthcare, and active lifestyle facilities provide the needed support for residents and families to grow and stay healthy.

Transport accessibility

A private car is the best option for transportation for Alana residents as buses don’t travel inside the community.

Alana is easily accessible, with a short 28-minute drive to Downtown Dubai from The Valley on Dubai-Al Ain Road. The Rugby Sevens Stadium is a 5-minute drive away where exciting matches can be watched, while Dubai Outlet Mall is just 12 minutes away by car where endless shopping options will fulfill all needs.

Dubai International Airport is just 25 minutes away along with the famous landmarks of the city like Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall.

Attractions around the area

The themed entrance with its open ponds is a beautiful landmark to walk around. Alana also directly connects to The Valley Park, offering recreational spaces like a trampoline park and sports courts.

The vitality and wellness center is the go-to for relaxation and unwinding after a long day, whereas the golden beach is a perfect place to swim, get a tan, and rest on the soft shiny sand.

The town center is home to a farmer's market and various dining choices, providing everyday essentials. The Sports Village, equipped with sports courts, tracks, a playground, and a gym, is the perfect place to stay in shape and exercise.

Families with kids will appreciate Kids' Dale, which boasts an archeological play area, an amphitheater, and rock climbing walls.

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Floor plan information

Total Area:3,839 sq.ft
Show 3dModel
Total Area:3,839 sq.ft
Show 3dModel
Total Area:3,839 sq.ft
Show 3dModel

Atmosphere at Alana

Alana provides a peaceful ambiance, with waterways, green spaces, and thoughtfully designed architecture creating a warm and inviting place to call home. The villas are full of natural light and overlook beautiful views of the greenery that is the heart of Alana. Earthy tones are used in the villas to create a relaxing atmosphere and pleasant emotions.


Installment: 110%

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Installment: 280%

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Installment: 310%

On Completion

Convenience of Living at Alana

Living at Alana combines comfort and natural beauty, offering easy access to daily essentials with its town center acting as a hub that will satisfy all needs for life essentials and services. Modern designs, sensible layouts, and natural decorations that match the natural spaces outside evoke a sense of peace and calmness, which will ease families into going outside and participating in community experiences.

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Estimated cost

$ 9.7 billion



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