Anastasia Jakovleva, Senior Property Expert, 52

Anastasia Jakovleva

Senior Property Expert

Experience:2 years
Specialization:Primary market
Language:English, Russian, Lithuanian
Anastasia grew up in Lithuania, lived for 3 years in Cyprus and now has been resident in Dubai for 9 years. She started her career in UAE in the sky, as Flight attendant of Emirates Airlines. Having descended to solid ground, Anastasia became a competent and ambitious real estate expert, capable of closing 7-10 successful sales in one month. Anastasia loves building a trust relationship with overseas investors and meeting them in Dubai in person. A little about personal life She has visited 87 countries, loves meeting and working with people from different countries and backgrounds. Water and sky are two main Anastasia's passions. In her free time Anastasia enjoys wakeboarding and sailing. Working in Ax Capital allowed her to get a private pilot license. Now she is also planning to get a skydive license.

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