Aram Grigorian, Senior Property Expert, 54

Aram Grigorian

Senior Property Expert

Experience:11 years
Specialization:Primary Market
Language:English, Russian, Armenian, German

Aram grew up in Russia and has been living in Dubai for 10 years. He graduated from the Department of Oriental Studies at the Saint-Petersburg State University with a BA degree in Middle Eastern Studies.

He then continued his education in ES Data Science at Harvard University and Financial Advisory in Europe under the Full Training program, and he is now in the process of completing his Master's degree.

Aram devoted 7 years to work for a prominent Dubai developer. He was involved in Sales, Client services, Relationship & Account Management, Collections – all on a managerial level.

He maintained and managed a portfolio of HNWI (clients with capital over $1 million) with an estimated net worth of AED 150 million ($41 million).

Aram also built, implemented, and managed data analytics platforms for a developer while he overlooked the digital transformation of key departments and contributed to an increase of 20% in overall efficiencies.

Aram desires to become the №1 real estate expert in Dubai who consistently creates value to his clients.

His main mission is to look at real estate as a way of helping people, rather than as a money making machine.

«I advise, not sell. That's why people buy from me», says Aram.

A little about personal life

Aram is an avid novel reader and animal lover who likes playing classical pieces on the piano.

He enjoys outdoor sports, discovering new cultures and is always looking for new adventures. He plans to live in Dubai for at least 8 months a year.

His dream is to build a home surrounded by stunning nature. A unique house that will become a landmark and a place for vivid memories.

He is a multilingual who speaks 4 languages fluently and 3 more at a conversational level. Very open-minded and eager to offer help with any kind of request.

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