Feb 3, 2023
Aram Grigorian

Aram Grigorian

Senior Property Expert

Show agent

How to buy real estate in Dubai

We are opening a new season of AX podcasts with an episode about the main stage of buying real estate in Dubai – consultation with an agent. What is at stake? Depending on how the consultation goes, you may or may not find a suitable property efficiently and achieve the intended goals. We discussed how to get maximum productivity from cooperation with an agent with the expert of AX CAPITAL, Aram Grigorian.

03:09 4 questions to ask yourself before meeting with an agent
04:45 Does one-size-fits-all real estate exist?
06:37How to set priorities in choosing a property?
08:57 Apartment above the clouds: myth or reality
10:22Real estate casino: how an agent chooses projects to show
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