Lyla Zhanglu, Sales Manager, 56

Lyla Zhanglu

Sales Manager

Experience:4 years
Specialization:Primary market
Language:English, Chinese
Lyla was born in China and has been living in Dubai for 13 years. She holds a Bachelor degree in TV Journalism and a Masters degree in International Business. Lyla's extensive work experience includes TV Director at Media Company AABTV, Sales Manager at SANY, China's largest heavy equipment manufacturer, and Fast Way Real Estate Broker. Lyla's main achievement at Ax Capital is the successful formation of the Chinese team. In the near future, Lyla plans to increase it to 30 people, bringing together the most talented real estate experts. A little about personal life Lyla is a Self-media expert on the popular Chinese social media platforms WeChat and Xiaohongshu. She is doing live streaming on an internet broadcast platform, the topic “Dubai Talk”. She considers her core qualities to be suitability, innovation, responsibility and elegance. Lyla plays the piano and enjoys tea culture.

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