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Who we are

Ax Capital – a cutting-edge real estate agency. We understand the needs of investors – we value time, money and up-to-date information. We base our interactions with clients on trust. Our specialists take pride in finding solutions that take account of tax concerns, profitability, privacy and comfort. These factors are important for a settled life.


Messagefrom founders

Ax Capital was built upon a desire to create a real estate agency of the modern era where the customer is central to everything we do. Every business decision that we make is thoroughly assessed to be synchronized with the latest trends in the real estate industry which includes our recruitment of top-class real estate experts and the use of state-of-the-art technologies to serve our mission. With our values clearly defined, we are committed to continuously evolve as a real estate agency and it is this passion and dedication that marks the foundation of Ax Capital and makes us different.


Our team

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Buying, selling, renting
Residential and commercial property
Physical or legal entities (registration as legal entity, if necessary)
Purchasing support activities
Taking care of all financials (opening bank account, transferring funds, currency exchange etc.)
Assistance in arranging a mortgage
Supporting Documents
Property insurance support
After-sales service
Assistance in activation of utility services
Resident visa support
Necessary professional support to ensure smooth running of the business (lawyers, accountants, interpreters etc.)
Selecting and viewing property
Search by designated parameters
Negotiating deals together
Consultant’s responsibility to guide in every step of the purchase process (property tours and consultations)
Property and business management
Long-term rent
Referral to a management company for short-term lease

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